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How do I feel like on a Monday? What are my ideas and thoughts?

Memories of Milano

I visited Milano last year. It was bitter cold, but the sun was out, which was great in January. One early morning, we climbed the fairylike Duomo. I think we even were the first visitors that day! In some places, you can actually feel history itself, and the Duomo is […]

Monday Mood: Dare to Ask for Help

Some time ago, we were already to home after one of our walks when we spotted an older lady standing next to a mobility scooter. The battery was nearly dead. We offered our help. She refused. She did not have a cell phone and it was at least another kilometer […]

Monday Mood: Coffee First

Once you wake up and smell the coffee, it’s hard to go back to sleep. Fran Drescher Each month, I go to the market to collect shark meat samples. But before I start, I have to get a cup of coffee at my favorite coffee stall, where the coffee is […]

In the Footsteps of Johannes Vermeer

Johannes Vermeer is one the most famous painters of the world. His work ‘Girl with the Pearl Earring’ is very well known, and was even the subject of a movie with Scarlett Johansson. The girl was Vermeer’s ‘fantasy girl’: a portrait of girl in exotic clothing, with a large pearl […]

Monday Mood: Reading Glasses!

When I check texts in the evening, with low light, or when I want to check out something very small, I sometimes wear reading glasses. So if I have to wear glasses, I want something special. I saw these on the internet, but the delivery time was around three weeks. […]

Monday Mood: I Am Socially Blonde

Something weird happened in our society. I have acquaintances and business relations, who tell me: “I will get back to you soon!” “I will call you later!” “I will let you know when I have time! “You will hear from me!” I am sixty now, but sadly enough, I still […]