Fabulous Friday: A Fab New Handbag!

This post is also available in: Nederlands (Dutch)

I cannot help it. I love handbags. I had been looking at the Louis Vuitton Ellipse, the only Vuitton bag I like. But… there are more fake Vuittons than genuine ones, and when I entered the store, I was overwhelmed by all the brown canvas, the smell and the not-so-elegant shapes. Did I really want a bag, that is far too popular with too many?
I checked out an Ellipse, but 650 euro excluding dustbag and lock, is way too expensive for a handbag in a mediocre state.

So… I walked to the shop of Dutch Designer Hester van Eeghen. What a delight! Bags in great colours, simple, powerful and clear lines.

Inside the shop.
Photo courtesy of Hester van Eeghen

The designs are created in the Netherlands and all the objects are manufactured in Italy, by craftsmen who specialize in individual high-quality leather work. In 1998, Hester also created a foundation to stimulate leather craftsmanship in Holland.

What can I say? I am in love with the bag. It is beautifully made from quality leather. The interior is made of dark purple lavender leather and there is a dark green phone pouch. The back has a dainty zipper compartment. The bag was not cheap, but worh every penny.

Inside the bag

I think I will still use this back in the next three decades!

In this picture, I am wearing a white lace dress by Topvintage.


This post is also available in: Nederlands (Dutch)

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