Fabulous Friday: History in The Hague

This post is also available in: Nederlands (Dutch)

One of my favorite pastimes in The Hague is a walk along the “Lange Voorhout”. It is often quiet, and a slow walk over the shell sand, in soft sunlight under the old linden trees is a delight.
The Lange Voorhout has been here from 1540, when Charles V demanded that all gardens of the houses along the road had to be part of a long lane.

In the Golden Age, Lange Voorhout was a meeting point of the ‘beau monde’ in The Hague and there was a lot of crowding. In the 18th century, the remaining small houses along the avenue were demolished and replaced by the stately buildings that are still there today. Because of all the carriages, the ground could be muddy, and shell sand was brought in to create a hard subtrate. Later, the Lange Voorhout became a brick road, suitable for cars

The Lange Voorhout was redesigned in 2009. The shell path has returned and there is much less space for the car. The Voorhout again has the appearance of a (spur of the) forest. Thus, the ‘Lange Lindelaan’ is once again as it was originally intended: a beautiful tree-lined avenue where you can stroll in peace.

And in summer, there is an antique market on Sunday.

In this picture I am wearing my ‘happy shoes’, with a sturdy heel and my new bag by Hesther van Eeghen, the “Monocle” that I recently bought in Amsterdam. I have had the shoes and dress for a long time. They are part of MY history.

This post is also available in: Nederlands (Dutch)

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