Fabulous Friday: Great Graffiti and a Red Dress!

This post is also available in: Nederlands (Dutch)

There was a time, that I had trouble finding anything in my wardrobe – everything was black. Black pants, shirts, dresses.

As many other women, I thought black flattered me. Combining items was easy, and I considered black a stylish colour, good for everyone. How wrong I was…. Black does not flatter me at al. It emphasizes the dark lines under my chin, the shadows around my eyes and my wrinkles. I do have some warm undertones in my skin, and black causes a dramatic loss of colour in my face.

So I gave up on black. I still have one black T-shirt, that I wear during gardening and paint jobs, but whenever I put it on, I shiver.

Just take a look at the ‘best dresses’ gallery of the Oscars: most ladies do NOT wear black, they wear a color that flatters their complexion. Only when your colour ‘type’ is cool, black is a good colour for you.

Full mural (courtesey Simian Switch)

So now I wear colour. And I look for colour everywhere! This week, I found at the former café De Vinger, in front of a beautiful mural by graffiti artists Simian Switch, @dermbadtaste, @serge_kb (Serge Kortenbroek) and @knoxofthesox.

I posed after admiring the full mural. What a delightful master piece!

I am wearing a red dress by Collectif Clothing. Bag and shoes are both vintage MiuMiu.

This post is also available in: Nederlands (Dutch)

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