Fabulous Friday: Orange is the new Black!

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Orange is the new black!

I am not planning on going to prison soon though. I read the book ‘Orange is the New Black’ several years ago, but I never saw the series. I don’t want to: in my mind, I have created a whole fantasy prison world. I also know, that Piper Kerman has only been in prison for one year, so all the other seasons are definitely not about her and do not follow the original story line.

I have had it before, whenever I saw a movie based on a book I had already read: the images did not fit my fantasy, and somehow, that confuses me. Especially if the script is really different from the book. Films can bring whole worlds to life before our eyes, make characters into living, breathing flesh and blood, but books let you LIVE everything!

The other way around is also a problem: reading the book after seeing the film did not work for me. I like to immerge myself in a book, and I cannot when I know all characters and how they look. Though I must say: it did work for all the Twilight movies…

Following my ‘colourful blog’ of last week, I decided to do a kind of sequal with this orange dress by Anna van Toor. This is one of the dresses for which I paid the full prices as I immediately liked it a lot. I guessI was the only one: a few months later, it was on sale for about 25% of the original price…

The bag is a Gatsby by Longchamp. I bought that for the full price too, and I think it never became a real ‘IT bag’. Lesson learned: always by good stuff in the sale or second hand!

(And yes: the shoes by Nelson Shoes were a real bargain!)

This post is also available in: Nederlands (Dutch)

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