Fabulous Friday: Me and a Queen Bee!

This post is also available in: Nederlands (Dutch)

I am still in a graffiti kind of mood… The more I look around in The Hague, more great graffiti I discover. This beautiful mural shows a giant, other insects and birds of prey. It reminded me of the fact, that I discover so many dead bees in my garden.

My own flowering plants are all years old, but I recently discovered that most garden plants that you buy, are full of pesticides. Garden centres frequently sell nectar and pollen-rich ornamental plants as ‘pollinator-friendly’. However, these are often treated with neonicotinoids, in levels that are known to cause harm to bee (source Independent).

I have decided that from now on, I will buy bio-organic plants only, check the used pesticides, and grow more plants from seeds.

I really loved this mural, though the bee looked like a hybrid between bee and wasp. It is such a delight when you unexpectedly see these colourful art works in a grey street. I could not find any info on the maker of this work unfortunately.

My dress is a vintage dress by Fenn Wright Manson that I bought on Ebay a long time ago. It had a silvery, white colour pattern that I did not like, so I dyed it purple/blue. The bag is by Coach. The heeled sandals are by Paul Warmer, I bought them on United Wardrobe. I made most bracelets myself.

See the whole mural in de Vrederustlaan in The Hague here:

This post is also available in: Nederlands (Dutch)

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