Fabulous Friday: Street Art City

This post is also available in: Nederlands (Dutch)

The Kijkduin shopping center, near our village, will be demolished in October to make room for a new shopping centre and restaurants. Until then this is the domain of graffiti artists. The walls are already decorated with graffiti and the vacant stores are taken over by studios or galleries: this is Street Art City. The artists have received carte blanche from the to brighten everything up with colorful graffiti, with the exception of the shops that are still in use.

Everything else could be painted and now, it is actually a temporary street art museum. The initiative also has a message, namely: prevent plastic pollution. The organizers want to make all people who go to the beach in the summer aware of the dirt they leave behind. Most works show plastic or rubbish: the Poseidon, made by arts @Artadrenaline has a beard full of rubbish.

We went there on a rainy day. To stay in style, I wear only vintage clothing, apart from my very old thick cotton riding pants: an Escada jacket, a Furla Candy Bag and Karen Millen shoes.

The works shown in the video below are by the artists: Patrick Artdraneline (Poseidon, black and white) and Patrick Artdranaline and SES 2HypeTribe (Birds)

This post is also available in: Nederlands (Dutch)

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