Fabulous Friday: A Good Luck Dress!

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I love going to the casino once in a while. I decide in advance how much the loss may be and take that in cash. Better safe than sorry!

In our nearest casino in Scheveningen you can eat delicious food, drink good wine and… gamble of course.

This time the PR department had lured me with a birthday voucher for a free drink. Well, I was quicky persuaded easily.

Unfortunately I didn’t have time for food, I still have to spend time making a living. But it was a great opportunity to wear myn Arma cream-colored leather dress that I had discovered somewhere on a forgotten clothing rack at the Bijenkorf. It was a super bargain! The dress also has a nice smooth lining, the outside is made of satiny soft supple leather. In combination with my vintage bag from Furla and shoes (somewhere on Ebay) I get a very “luxurious” feeling. Chic, elegant and feminine. Love it.

Fortunately Lady Fortuna was favorable to me this time. After studying a few rounds of black jack and savouring a cold glass of great rosé, I decided to take the cash home and left with a profit of 220 euros!

I am considering going gambling again next week!

This post is also available in: Nederlands (Dutch)

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