Wednesday Words: Liberation Day in the Netherlands

This post is also available in: Nederlands (Dutch)

After Remembrance on May 4, Liberation Day is the national holiday on May 5, which annually celebrates the liberation of the German occupation in the Netherlands in 1945. On 5 May, the Netherlands also commemorates the great value of freedom, peace, security, democracy and human rights.

The symbol of our freedom

We have lived in freedom for 75 years now. In these days of corona, freedom has an even deeper meaning: the freedom of being healthy, the freedom of being cared for. The freedom of financial security.

These are difficult days for all of us. We cannot go out as we like, we cannot travel. But for many people in this world, there is no freedom at all. They are suppressed, incarcerated, there is no freedom of speech. They are prosecuted because of their gender, sexual orientation, their colour, their religion.

I have the privilege of living in a country that respects people’s rights and freedom. I often think of it, not only on Liberation Day.

This post is also available in: Nederlands (Dutch)

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