Fabulous Friday: Pretty in Pink (or is it Frolicking in Fuchsia?)

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Enjoying the outdoors in a dress by Mart Visser

In these corona days, I am happiest when I can go outside. In the Netherlands, we are allowed to go walking, or grocery shopping, and when I write this, most other shops have opened again as well.

I am also more aware of simple things. I have a new appreciation for nature, for being outside, for flowers. So whenever I see a field of flowers, I need to have a closer look. So I stop the car and go exploring. In this picture, I got off my bike and walked barefoot.

There are no events, all restaurants and pubs are closed, and there are no birthday visits, meetings or conferences. So my fear of missing out, the famous FOMO, has disappeared. I spend my mornings leisurely. I have coffee, I meditate, go running or do a workout at home. It also means, that almost all my work has disappeared as well. I am sure things will get better, but I also do expect an economic crisis. Well, I have lived through two economic crises already. When will we go back to normal? I do not think there is a ‘normal’.

In Japanese, the word for crisis consists of the word for ‘danger’ and for ‘possibility’. Let’s use this situation to find new possibilities! For ourselves, our life, our loved ones, our health, but also for our planet.

This post is also available in: Nederlands (Dutch)

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