About Georgina Wiersma

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I am Georgina Wiersma, writer, traveller, fashionista. I love fashion, beautiful things, but I also love philosophy.

You will my fashion posts in my #FabulousFriday blog, where I present another dress every week in a special environment. Currenly I have a running sequence called ‘Fifty Dresses” (more about that in Fifty Dresses). The short blogs on things and ideas that matter to me can be found under the hash tag #Monday Mood.

I have had my own company for over 25 years now and often team up with my husband Peter Verhoog.

Together, we are an independent couple, digital nomads half of the time, but our home is in the Netherlands. We love what we do, and we show it. Our style is chic, we know how to travel and we know how to take beautiful pictures and write fascinating stories.

We can also show you our ‘life hacks’: how to get more out of life, and how to live it to the max! This does not always involve adrenaline, though we are never afraid of a deep dive or a wild animal.
So far, We have written four books and many articles for magazines and newspapers, and are founders of the Dutch Shark Society (www.dutchsharksociety.org), a non-profit foundation which works on the conservation of Dutch elasmobranchs, sharks and rays.

Our work involves


Yes, together we work more than 100%!


  • Telegraaf and other newspapers
  • Dutch National Geographic
  • Onderwatersport, Zeehengelsport and other dive and angling magazines
  • Stock agency Buitenbeeld

The team

Georgina Wiersma

Georgina Wiersma

Fashionista. With over 25 years experience in writing and translating. Always smiling.

Peter Verhoog
With over 30 years experience in underwater and nature photography worldwide. Has had the same haircut for many years now. Always has a serious expression. Also a certified drone pilot.

This post is also available in: Nederlands (Dutch)