Peter Verhoog and Georgina Wiersma

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We’re Peter Verhoog & Georgina Wiersma: 55+, growing bolder every year, travellers, writers, photographers.
To us, growing older means being bolder and being even more adventurous. We love running, working out, hiking, adventure and travelling.

After meeting in Egypt during a dive trip we spent the first six months of our marriage living in a bedouin tent on the shores of the southern Red Sea (and that was long before there was an ‘Egyptian Rivièra’ – the coast was deserted, except for the safari camp that we managed).

After our return to Holland we started our own business, worked for non-profit foundations and travelled the world together.

Not only do we love nature, but we also like to live the good life! Cycling Rome, riding deserts, exploring nature reserves, going scuba diving (preferably with sharks). If possible, we stay in a luxury hotel or house. As we are Dutch, we love a bargain! But if necessary, we stay in a shed or a tent or sleep under the stars.

Georgina is a fashionista, and loves to show off her style – at 60, she wants to prove and show that style has no age. Peter still travels to the world to dive as many times as possible. He is also a certified drone pilot. More on Peter:

Love life, and life will love you.

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This post is also available in: Nederlands (Dutch)